US Cities Mostly Likely to Get Hit by a Tornado (Part IV)

These cities are familiar with tornadoes.

Omaha, Nebraska Hit by a Tornado

When you think of Nebraska, you possibly picture cows, cornfields, tractors, and tornadoes. Despite Omaha being an active city with a great cultural background, most typically think Nebraska is one vast field with just dirt roads crossing it. There’s a lot more to the state. In Omaha, getting hit by a tornado is possible. 

As the northern section of the center of Tornado Alley, Nebraska experiences tornados frequently.  They go through anything in their paths, such as cities. In the 70s, a violent storm hit the Omaha area. Three people lost their lives and hurt over 100 individuals over a two-day period. If a tornado this bad struck the area once, it wouldn’t be a shock to see it happen once more.

Wichita, Kansas

Kansas is popular for getting hit by a tornado. Heck, a few movies where the action takes place in Kansas. The early film industry created one in the famous movie, The Wizard of Oz. Though Wichita is no longer cattle-grazing farmland, it still gets tornadoes like the one that whisked Dorothy away to Oz. They don’t move homes off to other dimensions).

An early pioneering town during America’s expansion west, Wichita became a huge checkpoint for those traveling to Colorado in the 1800s. It has since changed from a community of farms to a busy, industrial center. However, that doesn’t mean tornadoes are cautious to avoid it.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is usually known as the heart of Tornado Alley. It sits at the center of storm activity in the Great Plains. Oklahoma City, the state’s biggest metropolitan area, and is prone to violent storms that typically start in the countryside and go close to developed land.

The National Weather Service printed a paper describing the tornadoes that have struck the city in recent years. The paper concluded that at least 12 tornadoes have touched down in Oklahoma City, the most recent in 2013.