US Cities Most Likely to Get Hit by a Tornado (Part II)

These cities are most likely to be hit by a tornado.

Topeka, Kansas

The state’s capital and the second big city in Kansas on this list, Topeka isn’t any less prone than Wichita, or the little farm towns in the state but, it is one of the cities most likely to get hit by a tornado. The city is home to neoclassical architecture and some of Kansas’s most distinct historical attractions narrating the state’s past during the Old West. 

A series of tornadoes in 1966 was a big event, shaping the local history. The F5-rated tornado sequence that struck Topeka between June 2 and 12 destroyed the city when 57 tornadoes triggered 18 casualties and more than 400 injuries.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Tornado’s activity starts to calm down a bit going north into South Dakota. However, it’s still hit hard with severe weather. Sioux Falls is a charming, quiet city on the eastern side of South Dakota, resting on the banks of the Big Sioux River. You can view the low waterfalls that give the city its name at Falls Park, a calm reserve in the summer in the city.

However, Sioux Falls isn’t always so calm. There have been over 40 reported tornadoes touching down in the county since 1956, the biggest being an F4 in 1993 that hit north of Sioux Falls. Making it one of the cities most likely to get hit by a tornado. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma

A previous oil town, Tulsa, Oklahoma is famous for its art deco architecture and seat in the Green Country close to the Osage Hills and Ozark Mountains. The second biggest city in the state, Tulsa was established in the early part of the 19th century. Despite its oil business dwindling, the city is anticipated to grow and develop in the near future.

That is, presuming a massive tornado doesn’t destroy it first. Its spot in a hilly area helps to inhibit extreme storms. Though, in 2017, an EF5 tornado still managed to produce lasting damage to the area.