US Cities Mostly Likely to Get Hit by a Tornado (Part IV)

These cities are familiar with tornadoes.

Omaha, Nebraska Hit by a Tornado

When you think of Nebraska, you possibly picture cows, cornfields, tractors, and tornadoes. Despite Omaha being an active city with a great cultural background, most typically think Nebraska is one vast field with just dirt roads crossing it. There’s a lot more to the state. In Omaha, getting hit by a tornado is possible. 

As the northern section of the center of Tornado Alley, Nebraska experiences tornados frequently.  They go through anything in their paths, such as cities. In the 70s, a violent storm hit the Omaha area. Three people lost their lives and hurt over 100 individuals over a two-day period. If a tornado this bad struck the area once, it wouldn’t be a shock to see it happen once more.

Wichita, Kansas

Kansas is popular for getting hit by a tornado. Heck, a few movies where the action takes place in Kansas. The early film industry created one in the famous movie, The Wizard of Oz. Though Wichita is no longer cattle-grazing farmland, it still gets tornadoes like the one that whisked Dorothy away to Oz. They don’t move homes off to other dimensions).

An early pioneering town during America’s expansion west, Wichita became a huge checkpoint for those traveling to Colorado in the 1800s. It has since changed from a community of farms to a busy, industrial center. However, that doesn’t mean tornadoes are cautious to avoid it.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is usually known as the heart of Tornado Alley. It sits at the center of storm activity in the Great Plains. Oklahoma City, the state’s biggest metropolitan area, and is prone to violent storms that typically start in the countryside and go close to developed land.

The National Weather Service printed a paper describing the tornadoes that have struck the city in recent years. The paper concluded that at least 12 tornadoes have touched down in Oklahoma City, the most recent in 2013. 

US Cities Most Likely to Get Hit by a Tornado (Part II)

These cities are most likely to be hit by a tornado.

Topeka, Kansas

The state’s capital and the second big city in Kansas on this list, Topeka isn’t any less prone than Wichita, or the little farm towns in the state but, it is one of the cities most likely to get hit by a tornado. The city is home to neoclassical architecture and some of Kansas’s most distinct historical attractions narrating the state’s past during the Old West. 

A series of tornadoes in 1966 was a big event, shaping the local history. The F5-rated tornado sequence that struck Topeka between June 2 and 12 destroyed the city when 57 tornadoes triggered 18 casualties and more than 400 injuries.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Tornado’s activity starts to calm down a bit going north into South Dakota. However, it’s still hit hard with severe weather. Sioux Falls is a charming, quiet city on the eastern side of South Dakota, resting on the banks of the Big Sioux River. You can view the low waterfalls that give the city its name at Falls Park, a calm reserve in the summer in the city.

However, Sioux Falls isn’t always so calm. There have been over 40 reported tornadoes touching down in the county since 1956, the biggest being an F4 in 1993 that hit north of Sioux Falls. Making it one of the cities most likely to get hit by a tornado. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma

A previous oil town, Tulsa, Oklahoma is famous for its art deco architecture and seat in the Green Country close to the Osage Hills and Ozark Mountains. The second biggest city in the state, Tulsa was established in the early part of the 19th century. Despite its oil business dwindling, the city is anticipated to grow and develop in the near future.

That is, presuming a massive tornado doesn’t destroy it first. Its spot in a hilly area helps to inhibit extreme storms. Though, in 2017, an EF5 tornado still managed to produce lasting damage to the area.


US Cities Mostly Likely to Get Hit by a Tornado (Part I)

Certain parts of the US are more prone to be hit by a tornado.

You can possibly guess that lots of the United States’ tornado activity take place in the appropriately named, “Tornado Alley.” Most of the land in the American Midwest is predisposed to be hit by tornadoes, particularly in the flat land of the Great Plains. 

Even though there is no real border to Tornado Alley, its core is situated in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and part of northern Texas. However, vast numbers of tornadoes can happen even in places such as the Dakotas, Colorado, and Florida.

According to studies, Tennessee is the state hardest hit by tornadoes. It can have over 70 in one day during peak season even though most of the state is not in the heart of Tornado Alley. Oklahoma comes in second place, with over 65 tornadoes touching down in one day. To be defined as a tornado, it has to touch the ground and be a convective cloud at the same time. 

The Plains and Midwest regions have the largest concentration of tornadoes on earth. Despite tornadoes happening on other continents, amateur storm chasers should research these locations to find their next tornado. Though, you should perhaps leave that to the pros.

Kansas City, Missouri

Though it shares a name with the state, Kansas City is really a big city in western Missouri. With a population of more than two million, the city’s infrastructure would be demolished in the event of being hit by a  tornado.

Nonetheless, the city and the surrounding parts see lots of less apocalyptic tornadoes a year. Straddling the border between Missouri and Kansas, it’s close to the epic center of Tornado Alley and has a huge chance of experiencing storm hits. Though, the Missourians appear to be proud of it. Kansas City even named its professional basketball team after what it is famous for: the Kansas City Tornadoes.