Sunniest Cities in America (Part I)

Sunlight has incredible health benefits and these are sunniest cities on the American map.

Although the harmful risks often overshadow the therapeutic value of sun exposure, the health benefits are really incredible. Sunlight therapy has been used since the beginning of time.  If you need to get some sun we’ve got the sunniest cities in America. 

Ultraviolet rays from the sun help produce Vitamin D which helps with cancer, bone health, as well as protects brain health. Also, sunlight helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, cures depression, and develops the body’s immunity.

there are some places in the country where the sun shines nearly all of the time. If you are feeling inspired to escape dreary winter weather, here are the cities in the United States where sunshine is the most abundant.

Yuma, Arizona

With a 90% chance of sunshine all year long, Yuma is not only the sunniest city in the U.S. but the sunniest place on Earth. Yuma receives over 4,000 sunlight hours per year and around 11 sunny hours per day.

Redding, California

Located in northeastern California, the city of Redding takes over as the sunniest destination in the United States during the summer. On average, Redding has sunny days over 85% of the time.

Phoenix, Arizona

Known for its long, hot summers in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix has sunshine over 85% of the time. An average of 3,872 sunshine hours per year makes it one of the top ten sunniest cities in the world.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Just behind Phoenix, Las Vegas has an average of over 3,800 hours per year with an 85 percent chance of sunshine on any given day. Also, the city has very little humidity and no more than five inches of rain yearly.

Fresno, California

You get mild winters and hot summers, around 79% of the time, in Fresno, Cali. Situated in the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is a straight shot to Yosemite National Park.