Is it Safe to Use Your Cell During a Thunderstorm?

Lightening has the potential to be very dangerous but, using your cell during a thunderstorm will not increase your chances of being struck by lightning.

Numerous people associate lightning dangers with being outdoors. Though, there are some unique cases when folks have been hurt or even killed by lightning when they were indoors. With the dangers of lightning, you might be wondering if it’s safe to use your cell during a thunderstorm.

A man was found dead inside a house. It was concluded that lightning went through exposed metal tools and steel beams before going into his body.

Using a landline during a thunderstorm is never safe due to its connection to an outside wire. Lightning can go through the wire to the handset and can hurt the person using a landline. But what about a cell phone? Is there any danger in using one during a storm?

Cell Phones and Thunderstorms

There is a misunderstanding around the globe that cell phones attract lightning. If a person is struck by lightning and they have a cell phone on them, it will usually burn or melt. Folks have taken that and blamed the cell phone. Though, in reality, it is unrelated. So, it should be fine to use your cell during a thunderstorm. 

The first thing that folks should understand is that nothing really attracts lightning. Though, lightning does follow fences, wires, and things of that nature. So, if you’re on a cell phone, you’re not any more liable to be struck by lightning than when you’re not on that cell.

The thing that is crucial to remember is, you must be in a safe place so that you’re not hit by lightning whether you’re carrying a cell phone or not.

It’s the place you’re at that is more of a concern than anything else. If you’re close to a cell phone tower, that’s bad since lightning will come and strike the cell phone tower.

It’s vital to get to a closed shelter like a building or car. An open cover like a gazebo, deck, or under an awning does not offer sufficient protection. You are always the safest indoors.